Keeping your lifestyle simple with self storage

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You have carefully over the years built up your home. You have bought all the big furniture and many small items. You keep adding year on year. If we can afford it, it is adding to our little empire on a month to month basis. And then comes a moment where you cannot safely turn around without bumping into something and you feel like you are suffocating. A home that is cluttered and stacked to the brim, will eventually leave you feeling overwhelmed.

There is not a day that goes by that one does not see a motivational quote speaking about decluttering and getting rid of the old and moving forwards and onwards. Most of us take this to heart, but we tend to forget that this also applies to our homes. And now I am throwing in another saying ‘less is more’.

We believe that with our smaller, friendlier complexes, close to your home and in a complex you visit regularly, you can benefit greatly from our service – living in the modern lifestyle village’s we all live in. We already have 14 locally based complexes in areas close to you.

At Storage Worx we have what you need. Whether you simply want to store a few boxes or that extra special dining room unit you inherited from granny; we have the solution. And what about that old retro car you bought for a steal, but somehow have not gotten around to restoring? And if you live in a high humidity area, you know the rust will eventually be the end of your precious baby.

Also, a big challenge we face in South Africa is the increasing crime and the public’s perfection of self-storage safety. At Storage Worx your valuables are safe and secure. ** insert safety particulars such as cctv, guards, alarms etc. And remember, self-storage is not only for the little odds and ends. Self-storage is also for those that:

1. Are downsizing due to living cost increases
2. Are relocating.
3. Are working part time in a foreign country
4. Have a change in their current situation (divorce, death or job loss)
5. Have an art collection
6. Are collecting antiques
7. Wanting to keep dads old car till they can afford to restore it

Keep your lifestyle simple. Call Storage Worx where a friendly team member will guide you to the correct unit for your needs.

Self-storage. Keeping it simple.

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