Clutter Free Lifestyle! Getting your home ready for Xmas

temporary storage space

Winter has come and gone and spring has arrived in all its glory! Then we take one step further and we can feel Christmas around the corner. Holidays, warm sunny afternoons, the mouth-watering smell of a braai in the air…memorable moments. You feel good. Worked hard through-out the year and definitely deserve a break. And then it hits you. Christmas! Guests! Family! Where is everyone going to fit? You have a sudden and mild panic attack wondering how you will play the Russian roulette of guiding people around your many valuables and some of your more space eating sets!


Then your thoughts turn to outdoors. Your garage is full of boxes, some still from your last move that is yet to be unpacked and you just know mom is going to have something to say about this. You have cupboards overflowing with winter clothing and winter bedding. Not to mention all the heaters deployed in service during the freezing winter days. You know you have to clear out and get on the spring cleaning bandwagon. Even if it is just for your own sanity! And then you are faced with where will you take all your possessions?

Well, we have the answer at Storage Worx. We have units to suite your needs. From tiny to gigantic! And our units are climate controlled with individual door alarms.

Save your sanity this Christmas season. Declutter and bring us your valuables to store safely and securely in one of our storage units. This may be the best Christmas present you can give yourself!

The team at Storage Worx is waiting for your call.

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