5 Things to Do to Store Your Christmas Decorations Well

There’s no doubt that Christmas is one of the most joyful events to celebrate with your family and friends. This event is commonly celebrated with the decorations placed throughout the house to allow the Christmas atmosphere to be felt by everyone. These decorations range from Christmas trees that come in various sizes to the wreaths that are hung on doors, the need to store these items is important.

Although you may choose to have those items stored in your home, chances are these items take up too much space at home. That is where a moving company comes in. You might need a reliable storage area with the assistance of a Durban moving company to lighten up your burdens. We don’t want you worrying about the storage of these items while celebrating the event. That’s why we’ve listed some steps for you to help in your organization and storage of these items so when the season returns, you know well what to do.

Steps in Storing Your Christmas Decoration Properly

Sometimes, there are just days where you don’t want to deal with your holiday decorations, especially when the event is not near. It is best to rely on storage services and hire removal companies that offer them. The storage process doesn’t simply include just plainly packing the items in boxes but involves other necessary steps to make storing them more convenient.

1. Disassemble huge decorations

Are you used to just removing the ornaments that hung on the Christmas tree and leaving the tree in a corner as soon as the season ends? You have to replace this practice since you are exposing the object to more damage. We advise that you dismantle the big decorations like the Christmas tree by removing the detachable parts and arranging them in a box or container. With this, it is much easier to transport the parts rather than having you all burdened up in carrying the big items.

2. Making use of storage dividers

It is important to be careful in storing the items even if they are not breakable or easily destroyed. It is better to gather unused or stacked boxes and containers that you can utilize for storage. Separate fragile items from those that are not. It is recommended to purchase various types of cushions, inserts, and dividers to create more space in boxes and ensure that items are well-protected. This is the best way to keep your things in place and that parts do not get lost during the move. Moreover, this will also help movers load the boxes easier in the truck compartment.

3. Pack with care

Maximizing space is a good practice in storing the objects in boxes, however, you do not have to do it to the extent of compromising the physical quality of the other objects. This is where the need to set the limitations on the quantity of the items that must be included in the containers. Avoid putting boxes with heavier objects in full capacity for you to not have difficulties in lifting them.

4. Never forget to label the boxes

Labeling boxes is also as important as packing the items too. To better distinguish which boxes contain fragile items, it is advisable to place visible labels on every box. This is important for movers as they handle both the loading and unloading of the boxes in the removal truck . Separate boxes with heavier items and do not put them on top of the box that contains the decorations. If you are moving furniture too, make sure that they don’t touch the fragile objects directly. Furniture moving companies will have to be careful with arranging the boxes with the pieces of furniture before the move which is why labels should be present.

5. Store the items in a visible manner

If you have plans to put your decorations in a storage area for a long period of time, ensure that they are visible so both you and the movers won’t have difficulties locating them. Arranging the items so they are seen immediately will help prevent the breakage of some fragile or easily damaged items.

Choosing the Best Movers to Store Your Christmas Decorations

Of course, it is necessary to select the best storage space to fit all your Christmas ornaments. Having to hire a man with a van entails more than just the delivery of items to their correct destinations. It also includes the flawless transport of the items and whether the items sent were sent completely and without damages.

To look for moving companies, just search online by typing ‘moving companies near me ’ or be specific by including the actual name of the location such as ‘moving companies Pretoria or moving companies Johannesburg ’. Check each company if they offer storage services and if they do, assess the quality, size, and quote. Inspect if the storage space does include any temperature control features to keep your objects intact. Are their moving services trustworthy and recommended by a lot of people? Do they accept on-the-day bookings? It is important to make comparisons and research on the companies in order to select the best one to entrust the storing of your items.

Final thoughts

There are things to consider when storing Christmas decorations and merely stacking them in a corner is not advisable if you want to maintain the quality of the items. They also need to be taken care of properly, matters such as the place and manner of their storage should be monitored. However, the common problem with storing such items is that you still want to keep them so that you don’t have to buy anymore. But you want them kept in such a way that they don’t take up too much space in your house. This is where you have moving companies to handle the responsibility of storing them for you. After all, you don’t want them collecting dust because you only get to use them once a year. These companies simply don’t just keep your items, they make sure that they are in good condition by exposing them to a considerable temperature that prevents them from deteriorating. Furthermore, the need to store such items can also be beneficial on your part since you get to preserve the condition and if you plan to give or sell the items, people will be encouraged to buy since they’re still in excellent condition.

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