10 Brilliant Storage Ideas For Small Homes

In order to keep your home clean and clutter-free, your stuff should be stored properly, regardless of how much stuff you have. Having a small amount of storage space makes this task even more difficult. Utilize unused spaces in your room and turn them into extra storage by getting creative and being smart.

Here are some brilliant storage ideas for small homes:

Screw hooks under shelving

Double up your kitchen storage space by screwing unobtrusive hooks onto the under-side of wall-mounted shelves. Then, hang attractive mugs or large utensils.

Turn plinths into draws

Kickboards give kitchens a smart finish but they are also hiding huge storage potential underneath the units. Buy ready-made draws with plinth fronts and runners to match your kitchen style or make your own as a woodworking project.

You should layer your shelves

Utilize your walls! Install a row of shelves and layer them up. You can use shelves to store small items like books, bags, shoes, and other items that could cause clutter.

Bulky clothing can be vacuum-packed

Put away all your bulky clothing like jackets, sweaters, coats and other clothing that you wear seasonally to save space in your closet. Put these clothes in a suitcase or in a drawer after vacuum packing.

Replace your existing nightstand

Night stands are very useful, but they take up space on the floor. Rather than using floor space, try mounting a nightstand on the wall. If you install a corner shelf next to your bed, you can store books, alarm clocks, and other daily necessities there.

Desks can double as nightstands

An alternative would be to use your desk as a night stand if you cannot use a small shelf. A small work desk can serve as a nightstand as well as a desk.

Invest in a clothes rack

If you have a small bedroom, a huge closet isn’t ideal. Make use of a clothes rack instead! You can then hang only the clothes you use regularly. Throw away or donate the ones you rarely use, and vacuum seal the others.

Get smart about shoe storage

Doorways are often overlooked storage space, but they are great for storing items! Your door can be used to hang a shoe storage unit!

Consider a floating desk

One of the bulkiest items of furniture is a desk. With a floating desk, you can eliminate some floor space and enjoy great views out your window while you work.

Get rid of your laundry basket

Laundry baskets take up space on the floor. Try hanging a laundry bag from the inside or outside of your closet door to save space!

Try these smart storage ideas for small homes!